2011 April

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“The infinitely little have a pride infinitely great.” Voltaire

2011 April

Hello friends and colleagues, Here I am again once more writing mi opinion about the wonderful world of wine .

A few days ago we went to a winery which we have in the Denominación de Origen Toro, named Bodegas Torreduero and together with their oenologist, Felipe Nalda, we tasted a wine that in my opinion is without doubt one of the best rosé in Spain.

It’s got nothing to do with “Viña Tondonia Gran Reserva 2000” voted as the best rosé in 2010 at the Verema meeting. In my opinion a totally unfortunate award; since it’s not included in what is known as rosé wines: fruit, aromatic intensity, freshness…

Probably this rosé would be spectacular in bouquet, reduction, toasted…therefore it would have been better if given an honorific award or similar.

On the other hand, the wine that I introduce to you has a beautiful pinkish intense reddish colour; well achieved after a small extraction, since we are talking about Tinta de Toro and if you macerate it too much you get too much colour. ~*MI LOCA NOVIA 2*~ by anahi156

In the nose its strawberry gum, raspberry, liquorice… very intense. In the mouth it not only has a wine freshness but also sweetness due to its alcohol content is near 14% vol with a very expressive palate reminding the strawberry taste.

After tasting this wine we talked about what a pity it wasn’t white or red since due to its high quality it would guarantee a good sale. It seems as if the rose is out of place, neither with fish or meat; but someone replied that he felt the opposite way, since he like the rosé either with fish or meat; so it really depends on how you look at it.

Once we finished tasting this and other great wines, they have a Verdejo de Toro that must be tasted; we went back to Rioja, after lunching a wonderful Zamora paella. Which we really shouldn’t because of our training but once in a while isn’t too bad.;P

Have a nice weekend and enjoy all you can.

2011 April

Hello friends and colleagues, Here I am again once more writing mi opinion about the wonderful world of wine . “The infinitely little have a pride infinite







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